QuatroTimeChar-smQuatroTime is a web-based comprehensive Workforce Management system. It includes employee scheduling, 24/7 attendance monitoring and recording, production of reports and statistics and also allowing worker self-service to check schedules in real time and request time off and shift changes. QuatroTime incorporates the functions of resource scheduling, forecasting, absence management, and on-line/real-time attendance reporting into one system.

Broad Objectives and Benefits

  • Ability to schedule sufficient resources to meet multiple demands
  • Real, complete integration with staffing and payroll systems.
  • Increase automation to reduce data management errors and eliminate duplication
  • Reduce manual activity in scheduling for shift assignments / changes and offering shifts to staff.
  • Provide a secure platform restricting access to the system and guaranteeing confidentiality of employee information
  • Comply with the client's Information Technology standards
  • Establish a support process that meets the needs of a Mission Critical application
  • Full audit of transaction.
  • Main Functions
  • Forecast staff requirements based on pre-set targets by Location, Job and Staff Qualifications.
  • Schedule staff based on shift rotations, pre-booked absences, availability and collective agreement rules.
  • Electronic Clocks facilitate the Book-On/Off process and validate staff attendance and work location on-line / real time.
  • Track and validate attendance based on configurable collective agreement rules and contracts.
  • Integrated with Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) and automated Notification System.
  • Integrated with Dispatch and CAD Systems for first responders.




The following are features and capabilities of QuatroTime:

  • Ability to import employee information from external payroll systems.
  • Shift Schedules are used to plot employee Time Sheets automatically.
  • On-line, user friendly Time Sheet editing.
  • Ability to import files into Time Sheets from data collection programs such as card swiping.
  • Edit rules that ensure input of attendance is accurate and valid.
  • Ability to export attendance data for payroll processing.
  • Time Sheet code properties are user-defined via table maintenance.
  • Employee's banks are maintained on-line based on the Time Sheet code definition.
  • Analysis reports such as Over-time and Absenteeism are based on current pay information, attendance history and employee's current status.
  • Operator intervention is required on an exception basis only.
  • Labour charges can default to the employee's "home" account or manually overwritten for labour posting to the General Ledger.
  • Input duplication is eliminated.