Quatro Group Software Systems Inc.

Software Development

Since its beginning in 1986, Quatro Group has been committed to devevoping and servicing innovative, user-friendly solutions in many business areas. Some of these areas include:

  • Financial management systems
  • Health and Safety management systems
  • Time and Attendance systems
  • Simple and very complex Scheduling applications
  • Many applications for Municipalities
  • Critical applications
  • Integration to many third party systems

The vast number and size of the solutions that Quatro Group has developed for our clients, has allowed Quatro Group to gain the knowledge and expertise that allows us to work with our customers with confidence, with unparallel communications skills and proffesionalism.

Our developing team can provide software solutions in many environments such as mobile, web-based or client solutions. The team is able to work with many popular languages including Visual Basic, WPF, .Net, c# and java. We are capable of working with multiple databases including SQL and Oracle.

Our software development process has been perfected over the years and it is extremely effective. Our process includes as much detail, processes and documentation as it is required by the organization and by the project. The bottom line is that our developing process has allowed us to be able to have a 100% success rate for development of successfull applications

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