Quatro Group Software Systems Inc.


We have a wide range of consulting services that we offer to our customers that cover all areas involved with the development and implementation of successful solutions.

Our vast experience and well known communication skills have been proven in many types of projects, small and large. These allow us to provide our services quickly, efficiently and with clear a understanding of the personality and expectations of the project, the client, the organization and the stake holders.

  • Some key consulting services that Quatro Group offers include:
  • Project requirements and objective planning analysis
  • Documentation services
  • Project financial planning
  • Business process planning
  • Project management
  • Administration, planning, advisory and provision of services related to infrastructure, hardware, database, hosting and other IT related needs
  • Integration services to many types of third party products including software systems such as SAP, Payroll, HR, PeopleSoft as well as other functions such as IVR and mobile applications
  • System design
  • Software development services in many development environments including client, .Net and java applications.
  • Mobile applications
  • System implementation services
  • System training services
  • System support services
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